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Sulphuric Acid

    The sulphuric acid we offer to clients is a strong mineral acid that is soluble at all concentrations in water. It is used in large quantity in iron and steel making industry to remove rust and scale from billets as well as sheets. Some other applications of the chemical include ore processing, fertilizer making, chemical synthesis and wastewater processing. Specification :

  • specific gravity :1.84
  • Acidity as h2so4 :>98.2
  • residue on ignition :0.012%
  • iron :<100ppm
  • chlorides :Nill
  • oxidazable impurities :0.0040%
  • Arsenic, Mangnese, Selium
  • Copper, Zinc, Ntrates :Nill

Sodium hypo chloride

  • As Bleaching & Oxidising agent.
  • For Effluent Treatment.
  • As Disinfectant.
  • For Water treatment.
  • In manufacture of various medicines & in sugar industries to inhibit bacterial growth.

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